Afbeelding invoegen   DJ Toby Doman | Fauve Radio Honkong | DL Stickphone Z-shaped
"All received. Really good unit, very solid. Thanks Tim" 

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Afbeelding invoegen   DJ Johan Hermansson | DL Stickphone 
"Hi Tim! My stickphone has worked very well. I'm totally satisfied with the stickphone" 

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Afbeelding invoegen   DJ Davey Waxx Verhaeghe | DL Stickphone Z-shaped
"OMG...I know how she sounds because she was traveling with me for more than 10 years! Now she's back after repair and update....and so ready to go on the road and play gigs together! Look what a beauty......
Thank you Tim"
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  DJ Carmine Nappi | DL Stickphone Z-shaped (black & yellow)