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Deeplicious Stickphones
The DL-stickphone has an ergonomically designed handle and velours ear pad that allows you to monitor and cue simply and comfortably. All DL stick headphones are hand-built to ensure the best quality. A variety of shapes and colours match the individual needs and personalised design. 

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Sony MDR-V700 DJ Ear cup (other brands optional)
- Velvet ear pad
- LED signal indicator
- Strengthened fixation of the ear cup
- Metal tube stick 
- Foam grip

- Switchcraft | Neutrik connector fitted in the base of the grip
- Detachable audio cable
- Collor matching cable with Neutrik connectors (150cm)
- Extra earpads

Tech data
- 50mm driver unit
- Neodymium magnet
- 3.0Watt capacity
- 5~30kHz frequency respons
- 107dB sensitivity 
- 280gr. 
- 35mm grip diameter

All Stickphones are tested and 
approved for the use on the following mixers:
Allen & Heath V6 | Urei 1620 | Urei 1603 | Rodec | Alpha Recordings | E&S DJR 400 | Numark PPD MMX100 | Pioneer
Deeplicious-DJ reserves the right to change the specification without notice.