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The DL120 ISO Rotary Mixer | Personal project
This project is based on the Rodec MX120 mixer that was build in the late 90's. As all mixer from this Belgium based producer these where build to last. All channels have separated pcb's and therefor suitable for easy repair and modification.
Overall a really great mixer and after all mods even better. The frontpanel is made out of anodised aluminium and is laser engraved.
The original fader pcb's where used to connect the RK27 pots to retain the original design. The TL072 op-amps where replaced by Muses 8920 on the phono channels to improve the sound quality. By using the gain controle the sound level can be adjusted to the different peak levels and therefor the rotary knobs can be placed in the same position when mixing. By installing the 3-band isolator the mixer is suitable for some serious record spinning. 
Line A B C D  | 775mV/78k | -86dB
Phono B C | 2.2mV/50k | -77dB | RIA correction*
Aux B C | 220mV/50k | -88dB

Master 1-2 | 1.5V(3V)/10K | Subsonic filter -25dB@10Hz
Aux | 775mV/10K | Subsonic filter -25dB@10Hz
Recording | 500mV/10k
Phones | 7V/600
  Isolator (on/off)
Control range: 0 (kill) to +6 dB
Low | 20 Hz - 300 Hz
Mid | 300 Hz - 4 kHz
High | 4 kHz - 20 kHz
Tone control master output
Low +/-13db

*The RIAA stage features Vishay 2% Polypropylene capacitors, JRC Muses 8920 JFET op-amps. All circuit coupling is through bypassed Nichicon FW electrolytic capacitors.

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